Erika Rybuck of Winnipeg

I spent a lot of my time out at Brereton Lake in the Whiteshell, Manitoba. This is where my real fishing experience started. It's where I caught my first Master Angler, the first time I cleaned a fish and the first time I found my happy place.

Sarah Magson of southern alberta

My addiction to fishing started as soon as I seen the first one. It was a pike and it had drawn blood. it was majestic looking. Then as soon as I seen a trout for the first time it was all over. The tug of a fish on your line is like nothing else. Not knowing what's on the other end or how big it is. Amazing!!

Jenny Hashimoto - British COlumbia

Jenny Hashimoto, shows us how the west coast gals get it done like a champ! From fresh water to salt water fishing, in the Fraser River to the Ucluetet in BC, catching Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout, and various salt water. Jenny is a champ in the sport of fishing! 

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Christie Hargreaves Of British Columbia 

Check out Christies fishing selfies, taken on the river that she calls her own! Christie is a female angler that has a huge addiction to the sport and the outdoor life. To learn more about her "click" on her name.

Alexandra Dardengo - British Columbia

An ocean lover at heart, Alexandra Dardengo enjoys everything that the West Coast of British Columbia has to offer.

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Dawna O'Flynn of northern BC

Dawna O'Flynn lives in the beautiful province British Columbia, in a little northern town called Quesnel. Her boyfriend Mike and her, live for fishing, they love exploring new lakes and also fishing their very own Dragon lake which is a trophy lake and has big rainbow trout it is a lot of fun.